Who is to blame for the A&E crisis?

My job is to aggregate articles for our social output, which I then target for our different audiences.

I’ve been with Network Locum since July, which is approximately the time when I also started to read the press coverage of the NHS. Before I worked in healthcare, I saw the NHS on a institutional par with the Queen or Stephen Fry, something uniquely British and steadfast.

Quickly, I learnt that the NHS is more like our faith in 1970s light entertainers, shaky at best.

 NetworkLocum's Iceberg

On a daily basis, I find one  of the hardest things to figure out is the ‘party line’, as it seems that both of the main parties (sorry Nick Clegg) don’t seem to really know themselves. Tories blame Labour for the mess we’re in and then use regurgitated Labour policy. Labour blame Jeremy Hunt and Jeremy Hunt has really got it in for GPs and the Primary Care Community.

Highlighted above, is a list of things that have been blamed for the A&E chaos since April 2013. I sourced these ‘causes’ by typing ‘to blame for A&E crisis 2013’ into Google and taking results from the first few pages.

Whilst I know that most people would agree sheer confusion within our government and governing bodies is nothing new, I hoped that by collating this information, it might at least go someway to showing that there is no one thing to blame for A&E being in crisis, and instead of constantly pointing out different causes, maybe that energy should be used in actually achieving something.

(Kitty McCarron is Network Locum’s Head of Social Media and Research.)

Clickable PDF: NetworkLocum’s Iceberg

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